Enjoying a Mankato Moondogs baseball game
Hello! I'm the cook/manager at the Hoover Elementary cafeteria. I've worked for Mankato Area Public Schools in the food service department since 1987. I worked for one year at Kennedy Elementary as second cook before transferring to Hoover as the cook/manager. Before that, I worked for several years as a restaurant manager in Marshall, Worthington, and New Ulm, MN.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography, crafts and cooking. I also spend time training our 3 dogs. Cooper is a Black Lab, Beckett and Sullivan are Bloodhounds. Cooper &  Beckett are registered therapy dogs. Our group makes 2 or 3 visits each month to various care centers and residences in the area. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the breakfast or lunch programs. Or, you can call the district food service office at 388-7442.

Contact: Judy Simonsen