Readers are leaders

The words listed below are called sight words. We expect ALL our students to be able to look at the word, know it, read it, and spell it (first 42 words) by the end of Kindergarten. In each 3 week unit we learn anywhere from two to four sight words. Feel free to practice these words at home with your child! 

I will also be using "I Can Read" books in the classroom. Each book contains 100 words and sentences containing those words. We have 5 books total, so there is a possibility that your child will leave kindergarten reading 500 words or more! 


October 2-6 is, a
October 9-13 the, has
October 16-20 and, of, with
October 23-27 see, for, no
October 30-Nov. 3 cannot, have, are
November 6-10 said, I, you
November 13-17 me, come, here
November 27-Dec. 1 to, my, look
December 4-8 he, go, put
December 11-15 want, this, she
December 18-22 saw, now, like
January 1-5 do, home, they
January 8-12 went, good, was
January 15-19 be, we, there
January 22-26 then, out, in
January 29-February 2  that, it, on
February 5-9 as, his, at
February 12-16 from, or, one, had
February 19-23 by, words, but, not
February 26-March 2 what, all, were, when
March 5-9 your, can, use, an
March 12-16 each, which, how, their
March 19-23 if will, up, other
March 26-30 about, many, them, these
April 2-6 so, some, her, would
April 9-13 make, him, into, time
April 16-20 two, more, write, number
April 23-27 way, could, people, than
April 30-May 4 first, water, been, called
May 7-11 who, am, its, find
May 14-18 long, down, day, did
May 21-25 get, made, may, part
May 28-June 1 Review all sight words